Offering good health insurance will attract and retain good employees. We work with several carriers to service our clients throughout South Carolina to create customized benefits packages to meet and exceed our clients needs.

Group Health
Fully Insured - a traditional type of insurance option sponsored by an employer. The employer pays monthly and yearly premiums to the insurance company, with fixed annual amounts based on how many employees are enrolled in the health plan.
Level Funded Option- a type of self-funded plan in which the employer contributes a steady monthly payment to cover costs for administration, claims payments, and stop-loss insurance.

Ancillary Benefits
Life, Dental, Vision, Disability, Etc.

Voluntary Benefits
Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, Etc.

Life With Long Term Care
Guarantee Issue Life with Long Term Care Benefits

Employee Enrollment and Administration Systems
Simplify the enrollment and administration process for most groups using technology

Employees age 65 in groups of 20 or less must sign up for Medicare


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