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Shoe Stores Insurance

Whether you sell high heels or hiking boots, and anything in between, Kinghorn Insurance of Beaufort will insure your shoe store!

If you operate a shoe store, you already realize that your risks are very specific to your business. This is why Kinghorn Insurance of Beaufort offers business insurance policies just for South Carolina businesses!

Because most shoe stores allow customers to try on shoes and walk around the store, general and excess liability is extremely important for the retail shoe business. Also, with employees potentially getting up on ladders to stack merchandise, a shoe store needs top of the line workers compensation insurance.

If you would like to hear more about the specialty insurance we offer to shoe stores, please speak to one of our insurance experts today. With a quick call or visit to our office, Beaufort shoe store owners can have all their insurance questions answered and be on their way to a quote for comprehensive and affordable insurance for their store!