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Grow in love and security with your family through the protection of our South Carolina Life Insurance!

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Do you know what to expect once 2012 rolls around? No one can tell what the future holds, but you can enjoy what you have in the moment with your family. By staying present in the lives of your loved ones, you can show them you care about their well being and safety. Therefore, having the proper protection for them in case of an accident is crucial to their financial security in the future.

According to At Your Library, family life can be hectic and leave little time for reflection. However, instead of setting for the same old New Year’s resolutions due to lack of time, why not have the family set some goals together? By involving everyone in goal setting, families have a chance to achieve a healthier balance at home. The following can help build closer relationships within the family over the long run:

How Setting Goals Can Help
Time management is something many families struggle with. “It’s difficult for a family to balance everyone’s individual needs and still be able to come together as a unit,” Paige Greytok, a Chicago-based licensed marital and family therapist, explains. By discussing goals together, families will foster a supportive environment in which individual and mutual goals are identified.

Begin at the Dinner Table
If family dinners are a rarity in your home, make that your first priority. “One of the best ways to start [goal setting] is planning a meal together,” says Marla Kushner, a physician with two sons in high school. She and her husband make a habit of eating together every night and it gives the family a catch up on everyone’s day.

New Year’s Resolutions Ideas for Your Family
1. Ask More Questions
2. Involve All Family Members
“All members of the family have to be supportive of each other,” says Greytok.
3. Take Turns Choosing Family Events
4. Find Common Ground
5. Set Chores for Each Family Member
Sharing chores makes each family member feel responsible for maintaining the home.

At Kinghorn Insurance of Beaufort, we hope that the community has a safe New Year’s Eve. You may think you are prepared for the future due to the experiences you had in 2011, but each year is different and brings its own unique situations. Therefore, rather than being unprepared, get our South Carolina life insurance to ensure what your family is secure no matter what happens!

Do you wonder if your family will be able to financially cope with your loss? With our policy, you can know for sure that you will be able to help the people you are close to, even after your passing. South Carolina residents can direct the payments to areas such as funeral costs, college funds for young children, everyday living expenses of a spouse, and more. We urge you not to delay when it comes to purchasing your South Carolina life insurance, the well being of your family depends on it!


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